Energy 公司 Receives Global Support and Savings


A North American company oversees IT infrastructure that carries the weight of the energy industry on its storage and server shoulders.


“We have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to the oil and gas industry, with our overriding vision being to enhance the performance of the world’s energy industry,该公司的数据经理说. “We provide quite a bit of support for the oil and gas industry around the world. Large companies depend on us to produce products and design processes for chemical plant separation facilities.”

With so much global service at stake, the firm cannot afford downtime in its data centers.

picture of server room for oil gas case study

“We want a partner that can do the work that we have at hand and not have to have one vendor in this country, 那个国家的另一个卖主, and always worry about who we are supposed to call when something breaks,数据经理说. “Park Place gives us the opportunity to have one point of contact, 一个电话号码, 一个进入并提交票证的门户, and in a very simplified means to get all of our traditional break/fix issues taken care of. In addition to global reach, Park Place provides us with significant cost savings.

“It’s really straightforward when it comes to the difference in cost of maintenance contracts for OEM support compared to the cost of Park Place support.  I’d say pretty much in every case that we’ve had an opportunity to evaluate cost, 我们可以轻松节省50%的OEM成本, 在某些情况下, 更.”


成本节约和全球影响力很重要, but the data manager said an equally critical factor is the convenience and customer service Park Place offers.

“The onboarding process with Park Place is very simple. We have a great account team that takes care of us and anytime we need to bring new equipment into a support contract, 所有这些事情都发生得很快,数据经理说. “Park Place is extremely flexible and gives us the opportunity to drive our own cost models for locations and assets. We have never had any bottlenecks or slowdowns from the Park Place team. 经验是一致的. The Park Place leadership team has been very thoughtful in how they’ve orchestrated the organization and has been very deliberate in making sure that every employee that works for Park Place understands their purpose and the importance of customer service. It really makes it very pleasant from a customer perspective. Every time we’ve had to interact with any member of the Park Place family, 都是一样的, no matter what; we get the same level of experience, 这很好.”


公司利用 侨福硬件监控™, which identifies hardware events, opens tickets and triages the issue.

“我们一直在使用ParkView, predominantly supporting our storage subsystems with NetApp and EMC, 我们的两个主要存储提供商. ParkView is the proactive monitoring that gives us a single pane of glass for all of our systems that are under third party support,数据经理说. “Park Place will notify us for issues with systems that are being monitored through ParkView. Generally, in those cases we find out about problems that we didn’t know about. 不管我们用什么机制, whether it’s through the mobile tool PPTechMobile, 中央公园门户网站的在线门票, or admission escalations through our account management team, the support is always fast and very consistent.”


The data manager said if a peer was looking for a reference on 第三方维护, he would stress how Park Place is evolving to meet client needs.

“Park Place has been in a constant position of evolving over the time that we’ve been doing business, 不断关注他们支持的领域, and have been expanding globally to make sure that they have complete coverage for all their 客户 across the globe,他说. “Park Place has been very thoughtful and deliberate about continuing to grow what they do for the marketplace, things like additional monitoring tools and capabilities extending beyond traditional break/fix hardware, 真正进入应用程序依赖关系, 操作系统支持, any number of things that really help with the full life cycle of management and operation. They are moving way past third-party support and really focusing on discovery, monitoring and optimization in addition to the support components they currently offer.

“It’s been a fantastic opportunity for me to work with Park Place and to experience true customer service. So many companies today really give up on that and it’s great to see Park Place continue to keep customer service in the crosshairs. It is a pleasure to do business with Park Place.”